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Resource students are assigned to classes on the basis of their own choices and with recommendations of resource teachers and parents. The Individualized Education Program (IEP) sets forth a plan of goals and objectives, which specifies accommodations and services necessary to meet the students’ needs.

Credit: Mathematics

Learning Recommendations: Math Placement Test and Teacher Recommendation, Junior or Senior status. 1 year of Intro to Algebra-Part 1

General Description: This course continues teaching real-life application of math skills will be needed after graduation.  Students focus on improving their problem solving skills with the use of a calculator. The focus will be on skills such as the following: home improvement, travel, budgeting, banking and investing, paying taxes, and career preparation. This course builds skills needed for the Compass test (entrance exam to Bellevue College, Renton Technical College and the Lake Washington Institute of Technology).

Strategies:  Students will learn through a combination of:

  • Direct Instruction
  • Small Group Investigations
  • Teacher-Led Investigations

Course Fee / Materials:  Scientific Calculator; If a calculator is needed, the TI-34 Multi-View is recommended.