science2Careful consideration of Learning Recommendations is critical to science placement.

A student’s math abilities are closely connected to success in science.

The Biology End-of-Course (EOC) Assessment is used to fulfill graduation requirements for the Class of 2017 and beyond.


liberty science chart1


liberty science chart2


lhs science 3a



COM600 - AP Computer Science
INT425 - Material Science
INT500 - Sports Medicine 1
INT505 - Sports Medicine 2
SCI125 - Chemistry Laboratory Methods
SCI126 - Physics Laboratory Methods
SCI200 - Biology
SCI205 - Biodiversity and Lab Concepts
SCI225 - Physics
SCI247 - Environmental Science
SCI300 - Chemistry
SCI348 - Science of Forensics
SCI600 - AP Biology
SCI610 - AP Chemistry
SCI612 - Honors Physics CHS (College in the High School - Bellevue College)
SCI623 - AP Environmental Science