Social Studies Credit for 12th Grade Only.

11th Grade Elective


·         General Description: This course is designed primarily for seniors to explore local, national and international issues, as well as create viable solutions to them. The hot topics covered in this class require a large amount of reflection and discussion with classmates. Students will select a current social issue they find compelling, build a website designed to educate and create a call-to-action pathway for viewers to resolve the issue.  Finally, the entire class will select a current social issue, develop a viable solution strategy, and implement the plan in a Problem-Based-Solution Project.  The final project will be presented to an authentic community audience.  Investigating, discussing and resolving current social issues form the backbone of this student-directed class. 


·         Content:


·         Unit 1: Developing Critical Reasoning Skills, Understanding of Bias and Current Event Awareness


·         Unit 2: Social Issue Website Development


·         Unit 3: Class Problem-Based-Solution Project




·         Strategies:


·         Critical Readings and Class Reflections


·         Current Event Presentations and Peer Discussions



·         Online Video News Source Observations and Discussions


·         Website Development


·         Cooperative Learning Group Project