General Description:  Students who take this class are looking for an academic challenge that will prepare them for college and possibly lead to college credit.

The course workload, learning activities and work quality assessment criteria reflect those maintained in a freshman level college course.  In particular, this class is designed to prepare you for a nationally administered exam given each May.  It also helps you to develop sound learning, speaking and writing skills that will help you in college.  This class will support you every step of the way, so that in the end, it will be a very satisfying experience!

Content:  The course content surveys United States history from Pre-Columbian Exploration to present.  While content knowledge mastery is essential, the course extends student reasoning beyond general content knowledge, requiring students to construct positions supported by their interpretations of historical evidence.  Consequently, the course emphasizes history as a construction by focusing on key issues in U.S. history, examining alternative contemporary perspectives about the issues and analyzing divergent historical interpretations of the issues.


Students learn through a variety of strategies, including:

1.       Class Discussions

2.       Socratic Seminars

3.       Debates

4.       Small Group Presentations

5.       In-class Essays

6.       6 Summative Tests

7.       Out of Class Essay Preparations

8.       Annotated Timelines

9.       Instructor Lectures

10.   Critical Reading and Outlining

11.   Strategic Academic Controversies