Learning Recommendations: In order to be successful in French III, students should have demonstrated proficiency in French II. It is recommended that students have a C- or better to continue into French 3. Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in the past, present and future.
Students are expected to study 20-30 minutes daily in addition to homework assignments.

Fees: A fee (college fee ~$349, subject to change) will be assessed for Juniors and Seniors who elect to receive college credit (optional).

General Description: French 3 is a yearlong class that provides ongoing exploration of the culture and language of the French-speaking world. Students will further develop their skills in spoken and written French at a functional level, using interpersonal, interpretive and presentational modes of communication. Students will build on listening and reading skills and will continue their study of French grammar. Students will also read a variety of authentic texts. Daily homework, participation and attendance are essential. Communication between students and teacher will be almost exclusively in French. It is expected that French 3 students will be able to utilize conversational French to function in the class with very little use of English.

Juniors and Seniors will have the option to earn 5 college credits from Bellevue College. Sign-ups will be in January. The fee for the class is approximately $349.00 (class fee plus registration fee) paid at the time of registration. Grades will be based on tests given for chapters 12-17, a mid-term exam, a final exam and an oral interview at the end of the course.



Strategies: Students will learn through a combination of: