Learning Recommendations:

  • Entry level life science course for identified students who are striving to learn science content and lab techniques & desire to gain strategies for success in high school lab science

General Description:

  • This is a yearlong course which fulfills a lab science requirement for graduation.
  • Biodiversity is the study of organisms present in a particular ecological community, their ranges, or system.
  • Students will participate in labs, identify problems and approach the problem as a scientist would. Correct lab procedures, safety issues, and equipment use will be emphasized. 
  • Students will develop and study models to depict a wide range of biology content.
  • There is an emphasis on application standards, problem solving and using scientific inquiry.
  • The study of biodiversity will prepare students to make informed decisions about the environment.
  • This course will support students in meeting Washington State 2013 Science Learning Standards.
  • Successful completion of this course increases readiness for General Biology.

Content: Students will be actively engaged in learning and experiencing the following:

  • Basic chemistry concepts, the structure of the atom and periodic table
  • Describe the formation of molecules, compounds, and solutions
  • How matter cycles in ecosystems
  • Interrelationships of organisms and how they affect the stability of an ecosystem
  • Appreciate the human impact on limited resources and how society can protect the environment
  • Plant systems physiology and anatomy; photosynthesis