Learning Recommendations: Sports Medicine 1

General Description: Students in Sports Medicine 2 Internship are concurrently enrolled in Sports Med 2 and are referred to as interns or student athletic trainers (SAT). Students work exclusively with a high school sports team. Students have the option to seek internships within local community healthcare facilities. Credit will be given for completion of after school hours. Students must complete 180 hours (90 per semester). SAT’s are a part of the team and, as such, travel to away competitions with the team, participate in team activities and are recognized as a member of the team’s staff. A log of the SAT’s hours worked and a written journal of their experiences and reflections must be submitted. Work supervisor will periodically review progress and work experience with the students. The course instructor will make periodic visits to students and employers at off campus worksites. Professionalism and reliability will be emphasized. After completing a year of Sports Medicine 2 Internship, students earn a Washington Vocational Sports Medicine Association (WVSMA) certificate of completion. Interested students should discuss details with the instructor.


  • Work with a high school sports team and manage the basic care and treatment of the athletes before, during and after practices and competitions
  • Complete internships at local healthcare facilities such as hospitals, physical therapy clinics and high school/college/professional training rooms. Internships may also occur in other specialty areas, such as massage therapy, chiropractic medicine, EMT, strength/aerobic training, dental care, or dietetics.

Strategies: Students learn through:

  • Internship experience