Learning Recommendations:    Grade 9, C or better, in middle school Language Arts class, Grades 10-12, C or better, recommended in English class.

General Description: This class builds novice and intermediate skills of listening, reading, writing, and speaking.  All material and assessments are cumulative.  

Students will be required to:

  • memorize between 50 and 100 words every 3-4 weeks for accuracy and long-term retention
  • learn and apply new grammatical concepts every 3-4 weeks, as well as demonstrate competence with any concepts previously studied
  • follow directions and conversation, as adapted for Spanish 1
  • speak in Spanish whenever possible
  • write at length using appropriate grammar, vocabulary and conventions
  • read at length in Spanish, as adapted for Spanish 1


  • This course will use the text Descubre 1 and the accompanying online workbook


Students will learn /be assessed through a combination of:

  • Tests/Quizzes from the text curriculum
  • Daily homework
  • In class activities
  • Daily conversation in Spanish
  • Written, listening, reading and oral exams