General Description: AP® World History is for the studious high school sophomore who wishes to examine history from 1200CE to the present day and earn college credit. This class approaches history in a non-traditional way in that it looks at the common threads of humanity over time: trade, religion, politics, society, economics, and technology and it investigates how these things have changed and continued over time in different places. Students who take the AP® World History course are encouraged to take the APWH exam in May. The difficulty level of this course will depend on the ability and skills that each student possesses as they develop during the class.


  • Construct and evaluate arguments, and plausibly use historical evidence
  • Analyze and use primary source documents and evidence
  • Evaluate change and continuity over time with an emphasis on process and causation
  • Understand diverse interpretations of events through context and point of view
  • Evaluate and understand patterns and interactions from local to global levels
  • Analyze comparisons within and among societies
  • Become aware of similarities and differences among peoples and understand cultural diversity
  • Answer correctly AP-style multiple choice questions, short answer responses, document-based essay (DBQ), and a long essay question (LEQ)
  • Explore content of the world from 1200CE to present day.


The class will include reading, writing, activities, jigsaws, debates, map making, parliamentary conferences, structured academic debates, projects, practice multiple-choice, short answer, DBQs, LEQ questions, scoring practice, films, presentations, interactive lectures, student driven exploration, and the examination of primary/secondary sources using genuine artifacts. This class will answer why we study history and explain how to best use social studies skills to improve daily life.