Learning Recommendations: C or better in Geometry Tech Prep class

General Description: Designed to prepare students to take the College Board AP Computer Science A exam, this challenging class is for those students who are interested in an in-depth course in computer programming. Students will learn to program in the Java language, with emphasis on problem solving, computer science theory, application, algorithm design, programming style, and documentation. You should plan on devoting at least forty five minutes per day outside of class to succeed in this course. Successful passage of this course allows students to meet the district graduation requirement for technology competency.

Advanced Placement Computer Science is equivalent to high school mathematics, if the student is currently enrolled in MTH300 - Common Core Algebra 2, or successfully completed MTH300 - Common Core Algebra 2. This course qualifies for a math-based quantitative course for students who take the course in their senior year. Advanced Placement Computer Science qualifies for equivalency in either mathematics credit or a science credit.

Note: This course will be transcripted as an AP course, pending successful AP Course Audit. Students are responsible for the College Board exam fee.