Fee: Unit Note Template $TBD Spring Field Trip $TBD

Learning Recommendations: Successful completion of Chemistry Lab Methods or Biology

General Description: This is a yearlong laboratory course, which fulfills the science requirements for graduation and university entrance. This course is based upon field-based data collection and scientific inquiry-based lab work, so students must be able to operate with the steps of scientific process. This course fulfills (1) college prep science requirement as a lab-based based science course.


  • Foundations
  • Natural Selection (heredity, adaptation, speciation)
  • Classification and taxonomy
  • Energy Transfer- Cellular (photosynthesis, chemosynthesis, respiration
  • Ecological – biotic trophic level transfer
  • Global – Abiotic resource cycling (carbon, nitrogen, water)
  • Biome and Wetland Classification (Western Washington)
  • Population dynamics
  • Human Impact-Water quality, air quality, soil analysis
  • Field data collection (job/career skills)
  • Human health and the environment


  • Lecture
  • Field-based data collection
  • Inquiry-based laboratory work
  • Student-based research and presentation
  • Critical thinking exercises
  • Computer-based modeling
  • Interdisciplinary applications (where appropriate)

Equipment to be provided by student: composition notebook, appropriate field clothing.