Learning Recommendations: This class is for students planning on taking IB Music. Offered every other year.

Description: This is a preparatory course designed for those students planning on taking IB Music. This seminar-based course will cover fundamental music theory concepts and offer a broad perspective on many styles and genre of music, both Western Arts music and World Cultural music. The course will prepare a student to enter IB Music as a junior or senior. Topics that will be included are : melody , harmony and rhythm concepts, with opportunities for growth in listening and analyzing music of many periods and cultures. This is not a substitute for the IB Music seminar class.

Content: Music theory fundamentals will be our basis. The understanding of how melody, harmony, rhythm and musical form join to cause the creation of musical sound will be our ongoing themes in this seminar-based class. Time will be spent in listening to many examples of music from Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern music. World music cultures will play a large part in our listening and analysis, as well. Hearing the textures used in the music, both instrumental and vocal, will be a helpful background for the upcoming IB Music course.

Strategies: Listening to digital recordings. Research, seminar discussion, independent reading and writing, assessment of listening skill in identifying style and source of music, use of electronic technology

Equipment to be provided by student: None