Learning Recommendations: Successful completion of Spartan 360 (9th grade PE)

General Description: Students will have the opportunity to experience a variety of fitness activities within walking distance of our campus. Class meets in Spartan Gym on Monday's and Thursday's. Students come dressed in appropriate athletic gear and on first day of class will receive a detailed schedule for the courses scheduled off campus activities. *IT IS IMPORTANT THAT ALL STUDENTS ATTEND ALL CLASSES SO PLEASE LOOK AT YOUR SCHEDULES BEFORE SIGNING UP FOR THIS COURSE


  • On the first day of class, students will receive a detailed schedule for the course‚Äôs scheduled activities.
  • Many places we will walk to if we do not remain on campus.
  • Students will complete the 5K run and other activities for life-long fitness learning.

Strategies: Through physical activity students will:

  • Develop intrinsically motivated, lifelong fitness habits.
  • Develop the motor skills necessary for individual and team sports and activities.
  • Gain fundamental information regarding physical activities that promote good health.
  • Increase flexibility, muscular strength, motor coordination, and cardiovascular strength.
  • Work cooperatively with others.