Learning Recommendations: Concurrent participation in Robotics Club.

General Description: This is an introductory, lab-based class that will teach you how to build a complete robot used in FIRST Robotics competitions. You'll start by learning to gather and prioritize requirements, strategize for maximizing performance, iterate through a design process to create designs that meet or exceed requirements, build and assemble the components in hardware and software, and finally take the robot to two FIRST Robotics competitions.


  • This class will teach you the “hard” skills – using tools to cut, build, wire-up, and assemble a robot, and the “soft” skills – problem solving, teamwork, and collaboration critical to getting the project done well, and on time.

Strategies: Students will learn through a combination of:

  • Teamwork and collaboration – you'll be working a lot in teams. You'll need to be respectful
  • Safety – you'll receive training, and you'll be expected to be careful and wear eye protection
  • Gracious professionalism – this is a FIRST principle, where teams cooperate and help each other so that all teams can be ready to compete for each round of the competitions.
  • Independent study outside of class time

Equipment to be provided by student: None