Learning Recommendations: While students are encouraged to complete Police Science/Forensics 1 it is not required. General Description: Laws and courtroom procedures that determine the admissibility of criminal evidence are learned. Students will investigate an indoor and outdoor crime scene, collect all physical evidence, identify a suspect and present their “case” in from of an actual judge in a mock criminal trial.


  • Forensic lab equipment and safety
  • Crime scene investigation methods and techniques
  • Evidence types and collection methods
  • Careers in criminal forensics

Strategies: Students learn through a combination of:

  • Lecture/Discussion
  • Demonstrations
  • Inquiry-based laboratory work
  • Critical thinking exercises
  • Guest speakers

Equipment to be provided by student: None

Note: Completion of Police Science/Forensics 1 & 2 with B average could earn students credit at Bellevue College.