Fee: $40

Learning Recommendations: Successful completion of Sculpture 1.

General Description: This course is designed for students who have successfully completed Sculpture 1 and have attained the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in an intermediate/advanced sculpture class. Students will create various 3-dimensional sculptures with a focus on ceramics; They will utilize hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques to create clay pieces.

Content: Sculpture 2 students will build on what they learned in Sculpture1 (creating 3-dimensional art pieces that include the principles of design necessary to create an interesting and aesthetically pleasing composition). In Sculpture 2, students will create more complex 3-D artwork, with a focus on ceramic art. They will create figurines and vessels using a variety of techniques (hand-building and throwing). Students will have freedom to create pieces that reflect their interests, feelings and ideas, while continuing to meet the requirements of skill, technique, craftsmanship, and design. (EALR 1 – The student understands and applies arts knowledge in visual arts, EALR 3 – The student communicates through the arts.)

Strategies: The two major strategies for creating art will include hand-building and wheel-throwing. When utilizing the hand-building strategy for creating art, students will create clay slabs, pinch pots, and will model the clay with their fingers and ceramic tools. When throwing on the wheel, students will create vessels on which they will later add hand–built elements (such as decorations, handles, etc.) Once ceramic art has been fired in the kiln, students will learn how to apply glazes in such a way that their artwork will be enhanced.  Students will learn these strategies through teacher demonstrations and hand-on experience.

Equipment to be provided by student: none