Fees: $20

Learning Recommendations: Basic music reading skills recommended, but not required.

General Description: Students will use MIDI synthesizers, computers, notation software and digital recording equipment to input, edit, arrange, mix and compose electronically generated music and sound for a variety of media applications. Projects may include MIDI composition and performance; digital sound and music recording/editing, music/sound for multimedia, film scoring, and/or TV production.

Content: Students will use computers to compose and record basic, one-part pieces, and then advance to multi-part compositions. ProTools software will be used for sequencing and recording projects. Students will use the Sibelius music notation program to write original music and copy and arrange music provided for them. Students will compose or compile multiple original compositions through the semester.


  • Daily instruction and practice in the use of M-audio keyboards and ProTools software, instruction in the use of Finale or Sibelius music printing software.
  • Discussion/study of instrumentation, orchestration and musical form.

Equipment to be provided by student: Ear buds or IPod style headphones and a USB drive for holding arrangements, scores and reflections