Learning Recommendations: Student application for priority placement, B grade in English. Students considering a career in Communications with a passion for the power and /or influence of words, write, design, support and produce 6 issues of The Forum, Skyline’s own student and community newspaper.  Seniors should converse with the college of their choice re: acceptance as an English credit.

General Description: This course models, practices, develops, explores, and researches the spectrum of bias and freedom of the press in journalism through different modes of newspaper writing, design and current events.

Content: Students face real world realities and deadlines in the production of news, feature, opinion (including columns and entertainment), and sports articles as they pertain to Skyline interest. We also explore the artistry of graphics, photography, headlines, cut-lines, and captions; and spatial and technical layout for formatting. Build your own newspaper portfolio of demonstrated growth, skills, and self-analysis as evidence for job skills and /or college.

Strategies: Students will learn through a combination of: team collaboration, viewing examples of high quality student media, hands-on production, the specified writing process, direct instruction, large and small group discussion, and power-point “bias’’ presentations.

Equipment to be provided by student: USB memory stick (thumb drive) recommended