The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a high school diploma program with worldwide recognition and is offered at Skyline High School only. By emphasizing the dynamic combination of knowledge, skills, experience, and critical thinking, IB promotes academic achievement along with active and responsible citizenship. IB classes offer excellent preparation for the demands of four-year university work. The IB curriculum is divided into Higher Level courses (2 years of study) and Standard Level (1-2 years of study) as well as independent activities. To earn the IB diploma, students must take IB classes in all academic areas and pass examinations and assessments in 3-4 Higher Level and 2-3 Standard Level subjects (6 total), as well as complete additional requirements. Students wishing to pursue the IB Diploma complete a Diploma Plan and sign an IB contract in March of their sophomore year prior to registering for classes. Please note: It is not necessary to pursue the full IB diploma in order to take IB courses. All 11th and 12th grade students are eligible to enroll in IB courses.

Students taking IB courses may choose to take the corresponding IB exams, and pay the associated fee. Fees are paid in the fall during exam registration. Depending on their scores, students may receive credit, advanced placement, or both from colleges and universities.

IB options: (see the following section for curriculum, assessment, and diploma details)

  • Full Diploma – Student meets all the above requirements (awarded by IB). Under RCW 28A.230.122 students who complete all IB requirements, pass all IB classes, and sit as a registered taker for all exams in the IB Diploma are considered to have satisfied District graduation requirements, with the exception of Northwest Studies, US History, and meeting standards on all mandated state assessments. Failure to meet the standards above as required by law will result in the nullification of any waivers and will require the student to complete all Issaquah School District graduation requirements.
  • International Baccalaureate Career-related Program (IBCP) - The IBCP combines highly regarded and internationally recognized IB Diploma Program courses with an approved career-related study and a unique IBCP core. See below for further program requirements.
  • Certificates – Awarded for each Higher and Standard exam passed (awarded by IB).
  • Class only - Students do all class work, but do not take the IB exam.

International Baccalaureate classes receive extra weight in determining class rank. Class rank is only used for determining Valedictorian and salutatorian honors, Skyline academic honors, and some colleges use this as part of their admissions considerations.

 1. English 
 ENG650 - IB American Literature Block (1st Year)
 ENG660 - IB English (HL) (Higher Level Only)
 2. Social Studies 
BUS652 - IB Business and Management (HL) 
BUS651 - IB Business and Management (SL)
(Higher and Standard Level)
 SCI680 - IB Environmental Systems (Standard Level Only)

 SST650 - IB American Studies Block

SST655 - IB History (HL) - 20th Century

(Higher Level Only)

 SST671 - IB Psychology (HL)
SST670 - IB Psychology (SL)

(Higher and Standard Level)
 SST661 - IB World Religions (SL) (Standard Level Only)
 3. World Language
 Check with the IB Coordinator about ab initio options and their availability
 FOR650 - IB French 1 (SL) (Standard Level)
 FOR655 - IB French 2 (HL) (Higher Level)
FOR660 - IB Japanese 1 (SL) (Standard Level Only)
FOR674 - IB Mandarin Chinese 1 (Standard Level)
FOR675 - IB Mandarin Chinese 2 (HL) (Higher Level)
FOR670 - IB Spanish 1 (SL) (Standard Level)
FOR671 - IB Spanish 2 (HL) (Higher Level)
 4. Science
SCI650 - IB Biology 1
SCI655 - IB Biology 2 (HL)
(Higher Level Only)
SCI660 - IB Chemistry 1 (SL)
SCI665 - IB Chemistry 2 (HL)
(Higher and Standard Level)
COM650 - IB Computer Science (SL)
COM651 - IB Computer Science (HL)
(Higher and Standard Level)
SCI680 - IB Environmental Systems (Standard Level Only)
SCI670 - IB Physics 1
SCI675 - IB Physics 2 (HL)
(Higher Level Only)
SCI681 - IB Exercise Science (SL) (Standard Level Only)
5. Mathematics

MTH655 - IB Math SL 1 (IB Pre-Calculus) (SL)
MTH656 - IB Math SL 2 (IB Calculus) (SL)

(Standard Level)
MTH660 - IB Pre-HL Math (IB Pre-Calculus) (HL)
MTH661 - IB Math HL 1 (IB Calculus) (HL)
MTH662 - IB Math HL 2 (IB Calculus) (HL)
(Higher Level)
MTH653 - IB Mathematical Studies (Standard Level) concurrently enroll in MTH350 - Pre-Calculus, MTH400 - Calculus, or MTH360 - Statistics
6. Fine Arts (Select one)**
ART651 - IB Film (SL) (Standard Level Only)

IB Music SL

MUS659 - IB Music (HL)

(Higher and Standard Level)
ART670 - IB Theatre Arts (SL)
ART671 - IB Theatre Arts (HL)
(Higher and Standard Level)
ART650 - IB Visual Arts (SL) (Standard  Level only)
**In lieu of a Fine Art, student may select an additional Science, Social Science or World Language.

Diploma candidates must take at least one IB course and exam in English, World Language, Science, Social Science, and Math. The sixth exam may be in a Fine Art or may be a second exam in one of the five prior areas. Only two SL exams of any kind may be taken in the 11th grade.