Academic review for college admissions will not only include an examination of a student’s GPA and college entrance examination scores (SAT/ACT), but will also be based upon an evaluation of a student’s rigor of curricula, including senior year course selections, and in some cases a college essay.  A significant grade improvement through the junior year may be taken into account.  Please note that special education and resource classes do not meet admission requirements for a four year college/university.  Requirements at out-of-state colleges and universities, as well as all selective college course requirements, vary. A student and his/her parents should consult the websites of colleges in which they are interested.

The Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) has established new minimum college admission standards for college-bound students in Washington. These standards apply to Central Washington University (CWU), Eastern Washington (EWU), The Evergreen State College (TESC), University of Washington (UW Bothell, UW Seattle, UW Tacoma),Washington State University (WSU Vancouver, WSU Tri Cities), and Western Washington University(WWU).

The standards apply to a student who aspires to enter a Washington baccalaureate institution directly from high school and spells out the number and type of high school credits needed to qualify for college admission. These required courses are known as the College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADR). The term differs from high school graduation requirements that are determined by the Washington State Board of Education (SBE) and local school districts. 

CADR reflect the minimum number of credits required in six (6) subject areas that students must earn to be eligible for routine admission consideration by four-year Washington public baccalaureate institutions.  Meeting the minimum college admission standards (15 CADR credits) does not guarantee admission to a public baccalaureate institution.

 Therefore, students are encouraged to go beyond meeting minimum college admission standards to improve their chances for gaining entry to a Washington public baccalaureate institution.

 NOTE:  A student should obtain specific admission requirements directly from the private and out-of-state institutions to which they plan to apply, as they may differ from those listed below.

Washington Student Achievement Council has established the following CADR requirements:





4 credits

4 credits

Mathematics (minimum through completion of Algebra 2)

  3-4 credits

3 credits 

Social Studies

3 credits

3 credits

Science – (must include 1 credit of Chemistry or Physics)

       2-3 credits

3 credits

World Languages – (same Language, 1 credit can be from 8th grade)

2 credits

2 credits WL or personal pathway

Fine Arts or College Prep Elective

1 credit

2 credits or 1 Fine Art and 1 Personal Pathway