Per WAC 180-51-068 Students may be granted a waiver of two (2) credits. These two credits must be outside of the required seventeen subject credits listed below, as they cannot be waived, unless otherwise provided by law (RCW 28A.230.050). 

Language Arts 4.0
Math 3.0
Science 3.0
Social Studies 3.0
Health 0.5
PE 1.5
Art 1.0
Career Tech Ed 1.0
Total 17

Unusual circumstances may result in a student’s inability to earn all twenty-four credits required for high school graduation.  District Regulation 2418 specifies the circumstances.

The board delegates to the superintendent or his/her designee discretion to grant a waiver of a maximum of two elective credits required for graduation.  A student’s parent/guardian or an adult student must file the district’s Form 2418F with the principal's (superintendent's designee) office no later than thirty days prior to the student’s scheduled graduation date.  In order to graduate, students granted a waiver must earn seventeen required subject credits (four English, three Math, three Science, three Social Studies, two Health and Fitness, one Arts, one Career and Technical Education) which may be by satisfactory demonstration of competence as provided by WAC 180-51-050.