The student, for any/all grade improvement course(s) must receive prior written approval by the school counselor and/or administrator or it will not be considered for grade improvement. Approval cannot be granted retroactively.

Students who have received a grade of F, D, D+ or C- in a core class may improve up to four (4) semester grades during high school through the following programs:

  • Retake the course on a space available basis at the high school.
  • Retake the course through the Issaquah School District Summer School Program or through the Bellevue or Lake Washington School District Summer School programs which are comparable programs including seat time.
  • OSPI Digital Learning Department online courses taken through the Issaquah School District may, in some cases, be taken for grade improvement. The policies and procedures for outside credit will be followed in these cases.
  • In specific cases of higher level courses, a community college course taken on a college campus may qualify for grade improvement. In these individual cases, the counselor will specify the exact course which satisfies the requirement(s).

Please be aware that in grade improvement, not all programs may be offering the same courses as those taught in the Issaquah School District.

Per WAC 392-415-055 and WAC 392-415-070 the grade being improved must remain on the student’s transcript. The credit, however, will be changed to zero so the grade is not used in calculating the student’s GPA. The new grade, if higher, will be used for calculating.



Marking   System   Point   Value    
  A       4.0      
  A-       3.7      
  B+       3.3     No credit, satisfactory/unsatisfactory and pass/fail marks
  B       3.0     are excluded in the calculation of grade point average 
  B-       2.7     (GPA).  GPA is based on the average of final grades 
  C+       2.3     each semester in the subjects taken divided by number of
  C       2.0     credits attempted.
  C-       1.7      
  D+       1.3     AP and IB classes are not weighted on a transcript per
  D       1.0     state law.
  F       0.0     D   is the lowest passing grade.