Fees: IB exam fee as appropriate/ AP exam fee as appropriate, Optional Field trip incurs fee at end of year, Web assignment fee - $TBA

Learning Recommendations: Successful completion of IB Physics 1; Concurrent enrollment in Pre-calculus or higher

General Description: IB Physics 2 is a continuation of the topics of study begun in the first year of the IB Physics sequence and will prepare students for university-level physics courses. Students will be encouraged to take the IB (HL) exam and/or the AP Physics B exam. This course fulfills (1) college prep science requirement as a lab-based or algebra based science course.

Content: Methods and applications of physical measurement and measurement uncertainties

  • Engineering physics: Thermodynamic and Fluid systems
  • Wave Phenomena – Doppler effect; wave interference; diffraction, and polarization
  • Quantum and nuclear physics – matter as waves; photoelectric effect; x-rays; mass spectrometry; radioactive decay.
  • Electricity and magnetism – electrostatic potential; electromagnetic induction; alternating current
  • Energy Production


  • Lecture;
  • Laboratory work;
  • Inquiry and critical thinking exercises;
  • Computer Simulations and labs;
  • Teacher-led and/or student-led demonstrations;
  • Student project and research;
  • Interdisciplinary applications;
  • Web based Homework assignments

Equipment to be provided by student: scientific calculator (TI-83+, TI-84 or TI-Nspire), 2 composition books, USB memory stick (thumb drive)