Fee: Purchase of 1 to 2 novels approx. $25-$35 IB exam fee as appropriate

Learning Recommendations: Students expect to commit an average of 30 minutes of homework per night. In addition, students must have a strong grasp of all simple and most complex tenses including a working knowledge of subjunctive.

General Description: IB French is a year-long class for students who want to learn more about French grammar and the francophone world at an advanced level. It is expected that IB level students will be able to utilize conversational French to function in the class without the use of English. Preparation for the IB French exam includes in-class essays, multiple speaking/listening assessments and a variety of written texts.


  • Communication and media
  • Global questions
  • Social relationships
  • Customs and traditions
  • Cultural diversity
  • Past times
  • Health
  • Science and Technology


  • Collaborative learning opportunities
  • Communicative activities
  • Writing and presentation of dialogues, speeches, presentations
  • Listening activities
  • Variety of cultural readings in the target language
  • Connections to other disciplines
  • A variety of assessments, written and oral

Equipment to be provided by student: Purchase of 1 or 2 novels is approximately $25-$35.  Composition notebook. If there is a concern about the fee, please see your counselor