Fee: IB Evaluation Fee as appropriate

Learning Recommendations: The use of technology in class will be extensive. Students will need to be sufficiently computer literate to edit projects and present them.

General Description: The IB Film course aims to develop in students the skills necessary to achieve creative and critical independence in their knowledge, experience, and enjoyment of film. The course is divided into three sections inextricably interwoven through the course—textual analysis, film theory and history, and creative process. Through a textual analysis of films and a study of film history students will enhance the development of their creative, analytic and production skills. Students will create scripts for documentaries that study specific film styles and techniques, develop oral presentation that critically analyze short film passages, and produce short films.


Content note: Some films viewed will not be rated or will be rated R by the MPAA. Generally an R rating is given for language, violence, and/or nudity, films will not be watched that are inappropriate, contain gratuitous sex/violence, or are not regarded as films that significantly enhance film literacy, but we cannot altogether avoid R-rated material and do justice to the scope and curriculum of this field of study. Guardians will need to give permission for students to view all films that we will potentially view.


Equipment to be provided by student: None