Fee: $20

Learning Recommendations: Successful completion of Songwriting and Sequencing

General Description: The overall objective of this program is to introduce musical concepts and music technology to students. This will be done through the investigation and analysis of music from around the world and through composing original music. Students will be introduced to music composition techniques from many diverse genres and time periods and their application to making electronic and acoustic compositions and recordings. Students taking this class must also take IB Music, an after school seminar class, which teaches students the theory, music history and listening skills students will need to be successful on the IB exam.

The recommended sequence of classes to prepare for IB Music -- Composition and Creation is as follows:

  • Grade 9 or 10, Take Concepts in Music
  • Grade 9 or 10, Take Songwriting and Sequencing (1 semester in length)
  • Grade 11 or 12, Take IB Composition and Creation (1 semester in length) along with the 7th period IB Music Seminar which meets one day a week after school


  • COMPOSING: The creation of musical works through the manipulation of musical elements
  • ARRANGING: The process of drawing on music that is already in existence and manipulating it
  • IMPROVISING: Spontaneous musical expression in response to a musical or non-musical stimulus
  • STYLISTIC TECHNIQUES: The study of the compositional styles of others

Strategies: Students will develop creative skills through the exploration, control, and use of musical elements. These elements include:

  • Beat and Rhythm
  • Pitch and Melody
  • Harmony, Texture, and Timbre/Tone Color
  • Form
  • Expression: Dynamics, Style, Tempo, Phrasing
  • Stylistic Techniques from around the World

Equipment to be provided by student: Ear buds or IPod style headphones and a USB drive for holding arrangements, scores and reflections