Fee: IB evaluation fee as appropriate; Possible texts for plays ($15 to $30)

Learning Recommendations: Successful completion of IB Theatre Arts (SL) mandatory; Willingness to perform in front of peers during class is imperative.  Seniors should converse with the college of their choice re: acceptance as an English credit.

Description: This class concentrates on development of skills required in a comprehensive theatre course for the experienced student interested in gaining an advanced understanding of the nature of theatre, both through its study and its creation and practice. Students will participate in assignments which will develop performance skill, an appreciation of historical and international theatre, play analysis and interpretation, and production techniques. A substantial amount of reading of theatrical texts and writing is required. It is mandatory that each student is in attendance once at each Skyline Drama Production as part of this class, unless they are involved in the Skyline Drama Production.

Content: Three plays for genres outside of current American theatre, Acting Theory and Practice, Production Theory and Practice, Acting and Product ion Critique, Creating theatre from non-theatre sources, Playwright Exercises


  • Study of acting texts, lectures, scene and monologue presentations, attendance at performances of a disparate variety of plays, script creations, script study through group work

Equipment to be provided by student: Possible texts for plays ($15 to $30)