Fee: Students who choose to continue in a second year of this course and take the IB exam will have an exam fee as appropriate

Learning Recommendations: Successful completion of Literary Analysis and Composition I & II, or equivalents. For IB diploma and IB English certificate students this course is a requirement.

General Description: This year-long course integrates English and Social Studies disciplines. The English portion of this course introduces students to a range of works of American literature. There is a strong focus on oral presentation and class discussion skills. Students will complete two IB internal assessments based on the materials studied junior year. Students will be introduced to the skills of oral and written commentary on texts. Students will also continue working on their literary analysis and their writing skills. Students will improve their skills in appreciating, interpreting and discussing poetry. For those students interested in sitting for an IB certificate or diploma exam during their senior year, this course is a prerequisite.

Content: Skills based on IB standards for reading and writing. Skills include: close reading, analysis and interpretation of literature, including drama, novels, poetry and non-fiction. Writing skills include literary analysis, the writing process, improved use of conventions, practice editin,g and reflection on own progress. Speaking skills include participating in class discussion on a regular basis, asserting claims and supporting them with text, and developing and presenting an individual oral presentation.

Strategies: Students will learn through a combination of cooperative learning, project-based learning and direct instruction including lecture and note-taking.

Equipment to be provided by student: USB memory stick (thumb drive) recommended