Fee: IB exam fee as appropriate. Exam may only be taken by students who have completed IB English 11 (IB Block)

AP test fee as appropriate

Learning Recommendations: Diploma candidates and students who wish to earn an IB certificate must have taken IB American Literature. However, this course is open to all 12th graders.

General Description: This course will help students become more independent in their ability to read, interpret and respond to literature. Students will continue working on skills introduced in IB English 11, such as close reading and literary analysis, written and oral. Students will gain confidence in their writing and speaking skills and improve their ability to edit their own writing. The course will cover the Detailed Study and Genre Study portions of the two-year IB Syllabus, promoting an international perspective, encouraging personal response to literature and exposing students to contemporary poetry and prose. This course will also prepare students for the IB external assessments.

NOTE: Because of the compressed time schedule in this course where required curriculum is completed by early May, there will be reading assignments over all breaks.


  • Reading skills – Close reading, analysis and interpretation of a variety of genres.
  • Writing skills – A continuation of the development of writing skills including literary analysis, comparative literary analysis, timed writing and written commentary on unseen texts.

Strategies: Discussion, Socratic Seminar, group presentations and commentaries, essays, timed-writing, independent writing, written responses to text.

Equipment to be provided by students: USB memory stick (thumb drive) recommended