Fee: IB exam fee as appropriate AP exam fee as appropriate

Learning Recommendations: An ability to synthesize and analyze text and research journals. A willingness to work independently.

General Description: Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. The IB Psychology class will examine the different perspectives within the psychological world, specifically the biological, sociocultural and cognitive perspectives. In addition, students will examine the diagnosis and treatment of dysfunctional behavior. Finally, students will be involved in the process of implementing their own psychological experiment. This course will fulfill IB requirements for IB diploma candidates.

Content: Units of study including the following: 3 perspectives in Psychology (biological, sociocultural and cognitive), dysfunctional behavior, and replication of an experiment (the internal assessment).

Strategies: Students will learn through a combination of: multi-media presentations, research-based papers and presentations, analysis of relevant readings and experimental research, text reading and outlining, performance of an experiment.

Equipment to be provided by student: USB memory stick (thumb drive) recommended