Fee: IB exam fee as appropriate AP exam fee as appropriate

Learning Recommendations: Completion of IB Psychology SL. Ability to synthesize and analyze text and research journals. Willingness to work independently.

General Description: Psychology focuses on one basic question: Why do human beings behave the way that they do? The HL level of IB Psychology takes students further into the psychological world after completing the SL level of psychology. At this level, students will go deeper into the basic levels of analysis: biological, cognitive, and sociocultural explanations for human behavior. In addition, students will journey into the second “option” of the IB Curriculum which revolves around human relationships. This will involve topics such as altruism, bystander apathy, violence as well as several other topics. Also, students will gain an understanding of the qualitative research methodology that is used in the psychological world. Lastly, students will replicate an experiment in order to gain an understanding of the research process.

Content: Continuation of the core levels of analysis: biological, cognitive and sociocultural: continuation of Abnormal Psychology; Psychology of human relationships; simple experimental study.

Strategies: Students will learn through a combination of: multi-media presentations, research-based papers and presentations, analysis of relevant readings and experimental research, text reading and outlining, performance of an experiment.

Equipment to be provided by student: USB memory stick (thumb drive) recommended