Fee: IB exam fee as appropriate

Learning Recommendations: US History or IB American Studies. Certificate or diploma candidates must have taken IB American Studies.

General Description: This is a world history course based on a comparative and multi-perspective approach to history. It involves the study of a variety of types of history, including political, economic, social and cultural, and provides a balance of structure and flexibility. The course emphasizes the importance of encouraging students to think historically and to develop historical skills as well as gaining factual knowledge. It puts a premium on developing the skills of critical thinking, and on developing an understanding of multiple interpretations of history. In this way, the course involves a challenging and demanding critical exploration of the past.

Content: This course will explore conflict as a driving force of change in the 20th century. Specific topics covered will include the causes, practices and effects of wars of the 20th century with close attention paid to specific types of war (guerilla, total, civil, etc.), multiple perspectives of the origins and effects of the Cold War, and a comparative analysis of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement and South African Anti-Apartheid Movement. In addition, this course will prepare the students to meet the requirements for the IB program and examination.

Strategies: Students will learn through a combination of Critical thinking, note-taking, and written and oral language skills, direct instruction, research, and formal and informal discussions.

Equipment to be provided by student: Textbook, USB memory stick (thumb drive) recommended