Learning Recommendations: Students must be registered in a world language class.

General Description: This class is geared towards grammatical and vocabulary assistance for any and all students in the World Language Department. There is not a set series of tasks or curriculum goals for the course, but rather there are only themes that will be taught and instructional tips provided in hopes of helping students improve their understanding of any and all concepts being taught in their other regular classrooms (Spanish 1, 2, 3 / French 1, 2, 3 / Japanese 1, 2 / Chinese 1, 2). Students will not be receiving other homework from this class, but instead have an opportunity to work on homework or studying for their current World Language class.

Strategies: There are no prerequisites for this class, just the expectation and understanding that students will be required to work on materials either for their specific World Language class, or materials that are designed to help them in their class.