Learning Recommendations: Permission only class (based on spring tryouts of the previous year)

General Description: This course builds leadership skills through individual and team leadership development and service to the school and the community. Students will learn and develop fundamental skills required for the sport of cheerleading including, but not limited to: motions, kicks, jumps, dance, tumbling, and stunting and incorporating these elements into school performances and competitive events. Students in this course are required to complete the PE final for PE credit.


  • In conjunction with skills/training in the Skyline Cheerleading Program
  • Must complete the PE 5K final for PE credit


  • Maintain a high fitness level through specific sport training, as well as cross training through a variety of activities.
  • Develop core cheerleading skills and demonstrate progression in those skills throughout the year.
  • Deepen knowledge of all high school sporting rules, regulations and game play to better support athletes.
  • Communicate effectively in a group setting and work cooperatively as a team member, recognizing each person has value and talent, while holding them responsible for working towards a goal.
  • Assess the leadership needs of a group, serve as an effective role model, and utilize different leadership styles as needed.
  • Develop authentic, accurate goals and identify a method to measure progress.
  • Effectively manage time and resources.

Equipment to be provided by Student: None