FeesSkyline Physical Education T-Shirt - $8 for cotton, $10 for performance.  If there is a concern about the fee, please see your counselor.

Learning Recommendations: This class was created in response to requests from young women to learn about healthy lifestyle activities specific to their gender and in an environment that supports their open questions and appropriate challenges. PED100 - Spartan 360 - Freshman PE or PED203 - Spartan Physical Education (General PE 10-12)

General Description: This course is taught in a supportive environment where women feel comfortable participating in a variety of sports, lifetime activities, and fitness training.

Content: In this course, students will participate in sport and games. Students will develop skills in healthy lifelong activities such as archery. Students will also develop correct technique in weight training and other fitness exercises.

Strategies: Students will use the sport education model to increase their knowledge of sport. Students will develop individualized weight training plans based on their personal fitness goals.

Equipment to be provided by Student: Skyline Physical Education T-Shirt - $8 for cotton, $10 for performance. If there is a concern about the fee, please see your counselor.