Learning Recommendations: Successful completion of INT500 - Introduction to Sports Medicine

General Description: This is an extension of Introduction to Sports Medicine. Specific course content includes advanced emergency medicine, athletic injuries of the body, basic treatment and care of athletic injuries, and numerous hands-on competencies such as taping/wrapping techniques, emergency procedures, and athletic equipment fitting/removal. Students enrolling in Advanced Sports Medicine - Evaluation are required to enroll in Advanced Sports Medicine - Evaluation Internship during which students will act as student aides, putting their sports medicine skills learned in the classroom to work for Skyline athletes under the supervision of our Certified Athletic Trainer.  Please see the INT511 - Advanced Sports Medicine - Evaluation Internship course description for further details.



Equipment to be provided by Student:  None

Note: Students who complete this course with a "B" or better may qualify for college credit at various community and technical college programs.