Equivalency Course List

Certain courses are approved for equivalency for the purpose of meeting high school graduation subject requirements. For example, when a student takes one semester of Health (for a total of .5) through the Issaquah School District, this would fulfill the subject requirement for Health and .5 of the subject requirement for Career Technical Education.Thus, a student may meet subject requirements at a faster pace, leaving more room in their schedule for other course options. Equivalency does not diminish the number of credits required for graduation.

Please note that EQUIVALENCY does not apply for meeting minimum core requirements for college admissions. Please check the colleges that interest you to make sure that an equivalency course also meets their requirements. Example: Sports Medicine as taught in our schools will meet state high school requirements for the science requirements. Colleges may require more standardized lab-based courses such as Biology, Physics and Chemistry to meet this requirement for college entrance.

Course Title






COM600 - Advanced Placement Computer Science A    X

Math, Science,

Tech Proficiency

SST612 - Advanced Placement Economics   X General Elective X  
FOR510 - American Sign Language 1, FOR520 - American Sign Language 2FOR530 - American Sign Language 3 for class of 2019 and beyond    X  World Language  X  
PED327 - Dance  X   PE    X
INT442 - Engineering Robotics   X Tech Proficiency   X
HFL110 - Fashion Design and Merchandising 1HFL111 - Fashion Design and Merchandising 2 X      X
INT240 - Graphic Desiogn 1 (Computer Based)INT241 - Graphic Design 2 (Computer Based)  X X Tech Proficiency    X
HLT200 - Health, 7HLT02 - Health 7th period    X Health    X
INT245 - Introduction to Computer Science   X Tech Proficiency    X
INT435 - Introduction ot Engineering   X Tech Proficiency X  
INT251 - iVision 1, INT351 - iVision 2   X Tech Proficiency X  
ENG350 - Journalism 1ENG351 - Journalism 2  X X  Senior
INT425 - Material Science    X Science X  
MTH305 - Personal Finance   X Math  X  
ART125 - Photography 1ART225 - Photography 2  X X

Tech Proficiency 

INT500 - Sports Medicine 1, INT505 - Sports Medicine 2   X Science X  
INT361 - Technical Theatre Performance and Production, 7INT01 - 7th period class X X     X
COM330 - Website Design   X Tech Proficiency    X
INT160 - Yearbook 1, INT161 - Yearbook 2 X X Tech Proficiency  X