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This course meets the NW Studies Milestone for Graduation Requirements.

Learning Recommendations: None         

General Description: This is a state-required course for those who have not taken Northwest Studies in grades 7 or 8. Northwest Studies surveys the history, geography and economy of the Pacific Northwest, including Native American cultures and the development of Washington territory through statehood. Current issues, including trade with Pacific Rim nations, are included.

Content:  The course uses primary and secondary documents and the history text to develop critical thinking, note-taking and written and oral language skills. Units of study will include Defining the Pacific Northwest, Indigenous People, Euro-Explorers, Traders & Immigration, 19th Century Northwest, 20th Century Northwest and Contemporary Northwest.

Strategies: Students will learn through a combination of: research-based papers; multi- media presentations; visual document analysis using graphs, charts, written documents, political cartoons and photographs; cooperative group projects; identifying bias; and non-fiction text reading and outlining.

Homework: Homework will vary, but should be 2-3 times a week.