Learning Recommendations:  B- or better in Spanish 3 or AP Spanish Language. Retention of Spanish 1, 2, and 3 vocabulary and grammar concepts. Willingness to communicate exclusively in Spanish.                                              

General Description: Students wanting to pursue AP Spanish are highly encouraged to sign up for this class (schedule allowing).  Any doubts regarding proper placement should be directed to the student’s Spanish 3 teacher. The text for this course will explore various cultural concepts in the Spanish-speaking world.  An Advanced Spanish Conversation and Culture student retains and produces all Spanish 1, 2, 3 material with ease and accuracy

Students and the teacher will converse exclusively in Spanish.  Students will be required to:

Students who plan to continue on to AP Spanish should be intrinsically motivated to seek out opportunities (reading, listening, oral communication, etc.) in Spanish.

Content:  This course will use Taller de Escritores           

Strategies:  Students will learn / be assessed through a combination of:

Homework:  Regular studying of vocabulary and preparing presentations for class. Approximately 30 minutes a night.