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Learning Recommendations: Open to 11th or 12th graders

General Description:  This one-semester course provides seniors with in-depth understanding of at least two major Shakespearean works, usually one comedy and one tragedy, via performance-based close readings of the plays. Active daily participation and regular writing assignments engage students and improve their understanding and confidence with this rich and challenging material.

Content:  Possible texts include Twelfth Night, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Taming of the Shrew, Othello and a number of sonnets. Students are required to memorize and recite lines in a final scene performance.

Strategies:  There are two major assessments for each text: creative and written. The creative assessment could include (but is not limited to) dramatic interpretation, studio art, and/ or technology. The formal written assessment will ask students to analyze the text in the context of a 'big question' from the unit as a whole. Students are required to participate in daily reading and dramatic workshops.

Homework:  There is little daily homework, but the bulk of the major assessments (both creative and written) will need to be completed outside of class.

Note:  English Credit for Seniors only. Elective for 11th Grade.