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7th period classes are requested through a separate Google form submission process only.  Requests cannot be submitted through Student Access.  Look for instructions and deadlines in e-news. 

Learning RecommendationsAny PE course 

General Description High intensity class consisting of a combination of plyometrics, strength and endurance training.

Content:  One day per week consists of a running workout and the other is a Crossfit-styled workout consisting of constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity. Outside workouts are equivalent to 1.5 hours/week to make up for the other 3 days that are not met in class.

Strategies:  In class instruction and demonstration of all movements required to perform the workouts. Hands-on learning while performing the movements in class.

Homework:  Outside workouts are an integral part of this course as it makes up the other 60% of participation when students are NOT in class. The outside time commitment is 1.5 hours/week of exercise.

Course Fee / Materials:  PE Shirt Required.  Heart rate monitor $100.

Format:  Meets 2 days/week in class and also has an outside workout component equivalent to the other 3 days.

Length/Credit:  This is a semester long course for .5 credit.