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7th period classes are requested through a separate Google form submission process only.  Requests cannot be submitted through Student Access.  Look for instructions and deadlines in e-news.

Learning Recommendations:  None

General Description:  This class is dedicated to producing radio programming. Whether you are interested in news, podcasts (think "This American Life"), sports, music, advice shows, or just want to make your opinion known, we can help show you how and give you a place to put your voice out there. This class will produce two live radio shows a week, and will give students opportunities to produce other content as well.

Content:  We'll start by listening to some radio programming, learning how to use the production equipment, and then most of the class time will be spent producing radio programs..

Strategies:  Listening to radio and podcasts, using recording studio to produce audio, using recording devices to pre-record audio segments, students will also draft and write scripts for audio programs.

Homework:  There is an expectations of 1-2 hours of preparation and recording per week for this class. This is an average, some weeks there will be little extra homework, some weeks might be intensive.

Format:  This class meets Mondays and Thursdays afterschool for 1 hour with additional outside hours writing/recording/editing.

Length/Credit: This is a year long course for .5 credit.