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7th period classes are requested through a separate Google form submission process only.  Requests cannot be submitted through Student Access.  Look for instructions and deadlines in e-news.

Learning Recommendations:  All are welcome

General Description:  This course will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays after school for 50 minutes.  Students will hike 2x per week with additional outside fitness required. In this course we will utilize local trails to improve our fitness.  In addition to hiking, students will also complete activities at home to get an overall exposure to fitness. Activities might include healthy meal planning, yoga, and more! 

Content:  Hiking safety, hiking local trails, and cardiovascular endurance training.

Strategies:  Hiking local trails and running around the community to increase cardiorespiratory endurance and fitness.

Homework:  Additional outside fitness activity each week tracked by polar heart rate monitors.

Format:   This class meets Tuesday/Thursday 7th period two days a week.

Length/Credit: This is a semester long class for .5 credit.

Course Fee / Materials: Requires purchase of a heart rate monitor for < $100.  PE Shirt Required.