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7th period classes are requested through a separate Google form submission process only.  Requests cannot be submitted through Student Access.  Look for instructions and deadlines in e-news.

Learning Recommendations:  None

General Description:  Having a hard time fitting health into your schedule? This health class may be the answer. Students will read, take quizzes, and work on health assignments from home using an online classroom format and will also meet twice a week for discussions, guest speakers, and group work. This comprehensive course follows the ISD health curriculum and encourages students to develop healthful attitudes and practices for life-long benefit. Course content includes human development and body systems, disease prevention, relationships, mental and emotional health management, alcohol and drug education, sexuality education and careers in Health industry.

Content:  Class includes topics on the following.

  • Wellness
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Social Health
  • Mental Health
  • Nutrition/Fitness
  • Human Body and disease
  • Relationships/
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • FLASH (Family Living And Sexual Health)

Strategies:  Students will work in small groups in class, individually at home and will occasionally have guest speakers. Class days will include lectures, activities, test and guest speakers.  

To be successful in Hybrid Health students should be able to manage their time wisely and keep up with a fast paced class. This requires students to successfully use online platforms like canvas and classlink. Students that can manage and plan their time as well as keep up and get their assignments in will be successful in this class. Due dates for projects are flexible but fast moving.

Homework:  Students will have one to two assignments per week including reading to do for their weekly test. Students should plan between 2-3 hours a week on class work outside of the 2 classroom days. Students will have a weekly quiz taken in class to prepare for. Weekly assignments consist of learning activities developed to go along with content in given chapters. These assignments range for very quick assignments to longer reflective writing.  

Course Fee / Materials:  ISD Health Curriculum. Online Pearson “Health” text and online classroom through Canvas learning platform

Format:  2 days a week after school and online work from home

Length/Credit:  This is a semester long course for .5 credit.