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College admissions decisions are made by individual colleges, and vary depending on the type of institution and other factors. While high school graduation (or the equivalent) is typically required, meeting high school graduation requirements is not the same as meeting college admissions standards.

For information on Community and Technical Colleges, Baccaluareate Institutions and Transfer Pathways, visit the WSAC Website

NOTE: A student should obtain specific admission requirements directly from the private and out-of-state institutions to which they plan to apply, as they may differ from those listed below. 

Washington Student Achievement Council has established the following CADR requirements:





4 credits

4 credits

Mathematics (minimum through completion of Algebra 2)

  3-4 credits

3 credits 

Social Studies

3 credits

3 credits

Science – (must include 1 credit of Chemistry or Physics)

       2-3 credits

3 credits

World Languages – (same Language, 1 credit can be from 8th grade)

2 credits

2 credits WL or personal pathway

Fine Arts or College Prep Elective

1 credit

2 credits or 1 Fine Art and 1 Personal Pathway