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Learning Recommendation: Recommended for Junior or Senior Year

General Description: This course will cover the general concepts of Micro- and Macro- Economics. Students will prepare to take both the AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics tests in the Spring. Students would be eligible to participate in the DECA club, and DECA competitive events.

Content: Students will study economic concepts, including: scarcity, opportunity cost, competition, trade, economic systems, property rights, incentives, marginal analysis, supply & demand, market equilibrium, price elasticity, surplus & shortage, consumer choice, production factors, market structure, factor markets, market failure, the role of government, economic performance indicators, aggregate supply and demand, the financial sector, fiscal policy, economic growth, and international trade.

Stragegies: The course would be taught through a combination of reading, lecture, quizzes, in class assignments, tests, writing prompts, case studies, discussion, and debate.

Homework:  Between 15-60 minutes of reading per night. Frequent quizzes and tests.

Course Fee / Materials:  $20, membership in DECA

AP courses at IHS challenge students with rigorous college-level work. By succeeding in college-level work while still in high school, students in AP courses develop confidence in their own abilities and learn essential time management and study skills needed for college and career success.

AP courses provide the opportunity for students to earn college credits. In order to earn college credit, students must register for the AP exam for this course. AP exam fees vary each year. Scholarships are available for students who qualify. AP exam registration takes place December through March. College credit can be earned with a passing score on the AP exam, but what the score qualification and amount of credit earned varies by college.