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Resource students are assigned to classes on the basis of their own choices and with recommendations of resource teachers and parents. The Individualized Education Program (IEP) sets forth a plan of goals and objectives, which specifies accommodations and services necessary to meet the students’ needs.

Credit: Mathematics

Learning Recommendations: IEP with qualification in the area of math, math placement test and teacher recommendation

General Description: This course is designed for students who are ready for general education Algebra 1, but need additional time and support to successfully master the skills and concepts. During Algebra 1A the materials covered during the 1st semester of the general education Algebra 1 curriculum will be covered over the course of the school year.

Content: Reinforcement of computational skills and basic math concepts will be integrated into algebraic lessons. This course will teach:

  • Development of problem solving strategies
  • Solving, writing and graphing linear equations
  • Proportional reasoning
  • Solving systems of equations

Course Fee / Materials:  Calculator needed