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pe2Physical education is an integral part of the educational process. Through a carefully planned instructional program and continuous re-evaluation, students will gain a variety of competencies and knowledge, which will contribute to their health and physical well-being. Please see the Graduation Requirements on this guide’s HOME page for PE requirements. Students are strongly encouraged to take one semester of General Physical Education before enrolling in other Physical Education classes.

7PED03 - 7th Period - Crossfit
7PED06 - 7th Period - Fundamentals of Fitness
7PED09 - 7th Period - Hiking Fitness
7PED10 - Zero Period - Yoga
PED210 - Lifetime & Community Sports
PED310 - Team Sports
PED327 - Dance
PED330 - Yoga
PED408 - Crossfitness
PED425 - Weight Training & Conditioning
PED436 - Weight Training for Women