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The Issaquah School District requires that all students meet technology proficiency. This is accomplished by successfully completing an approved technology course in high school/ middle school or passing the technology proficiency test. Information on the test can be found at:

Technology Challenge Test

Successful passage of the technology proficiency test does not result in earning credit.

ART125 - Photography 1
ART225 - Photography 2
COM330 - Website Design
COM600 - AP Computer Science A
INT130 - Future Ready
INT160 - Yearbook 1
INT161 - Yearbook 2
INT162 - Yearbook 3
INT240 - Graphic Design 1 (Computer Based)
INT241 - Graphic Design 2 (Computer Based)
INT245 - Introduction to Computer Science
INT251 - iVision TV/Video Production & Broadcasting 1
INT351 - iVision TV/Video Production 2
INT435 - Introduction to Engineering Design
INT452 - iVision TV/Video Production 3
INT601 - AP Computer Science Principles