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wl2“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” –Ludwig Wittgenstein"

The World Language Department gives students the opportunity to expand their knowledge of our world through instruction and participation in language and culture. Studies show that learning a second language increases levels of cognitive development and performance, helps students to find better and higher paying jobs in the workforce, and allows them to interact more thoughtfully with the global community. In addition, students who take four years or more of a language outperform their peers on the SAT. Our department currently offers four-year programs in French(AP), Japanese and Spanish(AP), and a three-year program in American Sign Language. Most colleges require two consecutive years of study in a World Language and highly regard three or four years of study for admission.

FOR110 - French 1
FOR120 - French 2
FOR150 - French Language 5
FOR165 - Mandarin Chinese 1
FOR166 - Mandarin Chinese 2
FOR167 - Mandarin Chinese 3
FOR310 - Spanish 1
FOR320 - Spanish 2
FOR330 - Spanish 3
FOR365 - Advanced Spanish Conversation and Culture
FOR410 - Japanese 1
FOR420 - Japanese 2
FOR510 - American Sign Language 1
FOR520 - American Sign Language 2
FOR530 - American Sign Language 3
FOR603 - French 3 CHS (UW French 103)
FOR605 - AP French Language 4
FOR610 - AP Spanish Language
FOR631 - Spanish 2 Honors
FOR632 - Spanish 3 Honors optional UW CREDIT Spanish 103
FOR635 - Japanese 3 CHS (Cascadia CC Japanese 123)
FOR636 - Japanese 4 CHS (Cascadia CC Japanese 221)